Why the Country Music Half Marathon?

The St. Jude Country Music ½ Marathon features live bands on 28 stages along the 13.1-mile course. The musically themed road race is expected to attract 35,000 runners, walkers and junior racers.

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The Country Music ½ Marathon is recognized as the ultimate tour of Music City, featuring historic sites like the Parthenon, Nashville’s world-renowned Music Row and an expansive finish line festival outside the Tennessee Titan’s home, LP Field, located along the Cumberland River. The event culminates with a post-race concert, which has featured past acts Sara Evans, Brad Paisley, Phil Vassar, Jo Dee Messina, Diamond Rio, Martina McBride and Kenny Rogers.

When is the race?

The race has a wave start which will begin at 7 a.m. on Saturday, April 27, 2013. Mini Marathon starts at 6:45 a.m.

If I register with Powered by Hope, do I need to register for the Country Music Marathon?

YES! We ask that you register with the Country Music Marathon first and then Powered by Hope.

When do I need to start my training regime for the race?

Training officially begins in January. Our training program is a 16-week training program, giving your body ample time to be conditioned for the race safely. Click here for more specific training information.

What is the last day I can register?

You can register for Powered by Hope until March 7, 2014.  Note that Team TobyMac will be limited to 150 participants, so don’t delay!  The minimum fundraising commitment is due on April 20th.

What happens if I elect to run and fundraise and I cannot reach the $1,000 goal? Am I responsible for paying the difference to Powered by Hope?

Yes, if you do not opt out by March 7, 2014, you will be responsible for the difference between your goal and the amount you raised if there is a deficit. For complete details of the Fundraising Commitment, click here.

What will Powered by Hope provide in terms of training, etc.?

Powered by Hope is committed to providing exceptional training to its team members, from the first day of training, all the way up to race day. They will provide expert-led weekly runs and walks for those who live in the Nashville area, week-by-week training plans, informational and motivational weekly eblasts, and a race week plan to help you cross the finish line safely and enjoyably. If you live outside the Nashville, TN area, we will provide you with online training plans to get you from start to finish.

When will group training begin?

Weekly group runs and walks will begin in January 25, just in time for your New Years Resolutions.

Can I fundraise even if I am not able to run or walk the half marathon? How would I do this?

Yes, absolutely. The fundraising will work exactly the same as if you were to be participating in the marathon. Powered by Hope will provide abundant fundraising resources including sample letters, email templates, social media templates, your personal online fundraising page, etc. Contact Jennifer Beck at [email protected]  if you would like information on setting up a “fundraising only” personal website.

How will I know if New Hope Academy (NHA) has received checks that my donors have mailed?

In February runners that have received donations directly at New Hope Academy (“offline donations”) will begin receiving fundraising updates.  These emails will go out every Friday, to any one who has received new donations since the last update.  If you have specific questions about offline donations, you can email Jennifer at [email protected]

Does NHA/Powered by Hope enter my offline donations on my FirstGiving page?

No.  It’s your responsibility to enter these donations on your fundraising page.  It’s optional, but doing so will give you and your donors a clear look at your fundraising progress. These donations will show up as “pending confirmation”.  That’s ok – ignore that – we don’t go in and approve them all.  They will still show up on your list of donations.

When is the fundraising deadline?

You have until April 20, 2014 to get all your donations submitted to NHA.

When is the opt out deadline?

You have until March 7, 2014 at midnight to opt out of Powered by Hope without financial penalty.

Who is the opt out for?

The opt out is designed for people who have had something really extraordinary happen in  their lives that prevents them from continuing.  It is not designed for situations of being busy or forgetting or procrastinating.

How do I officially opt out?

Simply email Jennifer Beck at [email protected]

If I’m short of my $1,000 ($750 for PARTNERs) fundraising minimum, when will my credit card be charged?

The fundraising deadline is April 20, 2013 at midnight.  On April 21, we will tally everyone’s “offline donations” and FirstGiving donations, to come up with your total.  If you are below your fundraising guarantee, then we’ll only charge your card for the difference.  The charge will be processed on April 21 or 22.  If your credit card has expired before that date, be sure to update us with your new expiration date.

Dates to remember: Friday, March 7 at midnight – the deadline to drop-out and be released from your fundraising agreement.  After that date, you are committed to the fundraising guarantee you agreed to at registration.

April 20 – deadline to have all donations submitted to New Hope Academy for the final tally.

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