Add an Offline Contribution to Your FirstGiving Page | Powered by Hope

Each week, beginning in March, you’ll receive an email from Powered by Hope detailing the offline donations you’ve received. (Donations mailed to our office rather than those you received online). This will help you track you progress in reaching your fundraising goal.

It is important for you to personally add your offline donations to your FirstGiving fundraising page. (FirstGiving only allows fundraisers to do this; we cannot do it for you). When you receive a list of new offline donations from us each week, here’s what you’ll need to do to update your offline total and acknowledge your offline donors:

1. Log in to your FirstGiving account.

2. Click on Edit next to the page you want to work with

3. Under Page Summary on the right, click UPDATE under the Offline

4. Scroll down to the bottom right-hand corner of the screen, to the yellow box that says Amount raised offline. Put the amount in there and click on Save and Continue. You can update this total when needed.

5. You’ll see it says these offline donations are “pending confirmation”. Don’t worry about this.  We don’t go in to confirm these, as there are way too many.  It will still show up on your page as donations, and won’t look any different to your donors.

If you have any questions about your fundraising tally, or offline donations contact Jennifer Beck at New Hope Academy – [email protected] or (615) 595-0324 x223.

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