Powered By Hope

It may have happened to you this morning. The alarm went off. You got out of bed. Took one look at your workout clothes folded on the dresser, took another look at the temperature reading on weather.com, and decided to sip another cup coffee instead of pound the pavement.

It’s the age-old dilemma for anyone reaching for a new level of fitness—how to sustain the kind of motivation that will get you off the couch (or bed) and out the door time and time again. There are plenty of tricks we’ve all tried, but only one proven tool that I know of for achieving lasting personal transformation when it come to fitness –The Power of the Group.

If you’ve never trained with a group before, I can promise you that you are in for a treat. Not only will it absolutely get you out of bed every time, regardless of weather, excuses, etc., but you will have a blast once you get there!

There are ways to leverage the power of the group:

Get a Partner

Whether it’s a spouse or friend, the buddy system works. It boosts your motivation, provides accountability and ofers a great opportunity to deepen your relationship with your buddy while working toward a common goal. You will feel a sense of responsibility to your partner and he or she will feel the same about you. This is the glue for your goals, making them stick.

Join a Team

Teams take partnership to the next level. Instead of just one buddy, you have a whole group of buddies. This creates enormous positive energy that propels you in the direction of your goals. Everyone is invested in the well-being and success of everyone else. Not only are your team members a tremendous encouragement, they are also a wealth of experience, information, and expertise.

It’s important to look for an expert-led, nationally recognized program like Powered by Hope when you consider joining a team. Powered by Hope is an official charity training program of the Country Music Marathon and ½. Learn more about our team here.

Do Both

If you really want to blow it out of the water, enlist a partner AND join a team. This is the best recipe for success out there, ensuring exponential personal growth and physical transformation. At Powered by Hope, we see the greatest success among married couples and partnerships between friends who join our team. These folks are unstoppable— you can be too!