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Jeff Galloway, Olympic Marathoner and founder of the Galloway Group training program will be offering his nationally renowned Running School on January 16, 2010 from 10 a.m. -3 pm.m, following our training kick-off.

As a Powered by Hope team member, you can attend for $94.50, half of the regular $189.00 price. (If  you are not a Powered by Hope team member, you can attend for the regular price.)

Please RSVP to Carol Hough, Nashville Program Director, at [email protected] if you plan to attend. She will accept payment by check on the day of the event.

From www.jeffgalloway.com:

Jeff Galloway has helped over 200,000 runners reach their goals, and wants to help you. Jeff’s school offers a unique system of elements that has reduced injury rate down to almost zero, with a very high rate of success. He gives you tools to manage your fatigue, with a very accurate prediction of your current fitness level and race times, and lots of practical tips that can make running more enjoyable.

  • How to improve time
  • Individualized format–ask any question in any area
  • How to avoid hitting the wall
  • Specific training programs for specific goals
  • Specific recommendations on water intake, eating
  • Dealing with heat/cold/wind
  • Absolving you of guilt for not stretching
  • Strength for running
  • Motivation techniques to get you out the door
  • Mental toughness techniques to keep going
  • Running drills for easier, more efficient, faster runs
  • How to improve endurance without pain/ over-fatigue
  • When to replace shoes
  • It’s good to drink coffee

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