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For the last few weeks, we’ve been talking about the elements of telling a great story with your life, based on best-selling author Don Miller’s New Year’s Resolution post.

We firmly believe that choosing to run or walk a half marathon has the power to help you shape a good story with every step you take. Why? Because it contains all the elements necessary to create a great narrative—an adventure worth talking about and a challenge worth rising to.

Last week, we discussed that every great story begins with a protagonist (that is you!) who wants something, really, really wants something. Read more about desire here.

Additionally, if you want to tell a great story with your life, you must envision a climactic scene. Every great scene has a climax and yours is no different.

In our context, that would be something related to your marathon training—maybe that is crossing the finish line on April 24. Maybe that will be the moment you put your Country Music Marathon medal around your neck. Maybe that is the moment when you look your children in the eye and tell them that you did what you set out to do.

As Don says, you have to begin with the end in mind. He goes on to say this:

Once you have that climactic scene in mind, you’ll know the scenes it takes to get there. Also, write this stuff down. Even if you just throw it away, write down what that climactic scene looks like, smells like and feels like. It will get in your brain and like a good protagonist in a great movie, you’ll wake every day knowing what you are supposed to do with your time.

So that’s your assignment. Envision a moment. Write it down. Remember to employ all of your senses as you do. What will it feel like, taste like, and smell like?

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