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Last week, we talked about the idea of telling a good story—a great story even—with you life. And, we discussed how deciding to run or walk a half marathon can be part of building the architecture of your story.

The first element of a great story is a character who wants something—really wants something, states best-selling author and all-around cool guy Donald Miller. In his post on an alternative to New Year’s resolutions he says this:

If we don’t want something in our lives, our stories feel boring, long, meaningless and tired. We feel this way because we are sitting in the theater of our mind watching a story that isn’t getting started.

When you signed up to run or walk the half marathon, something had to be stirred deep within you to compel you to make that decision. What was it? What is it that you want for yourself, you life, your impact in the world that you think you’ll get from running this race? This is not a rhetorical question. Take a few minute, listen, and write down your answer.

Vision is KEY to this process, and it begins with wanting something. What you want (and for that matter, what God wants for you) is the fuel that will drive your training and personal development over the next 13 weeks. So, what do you want? Who do you want to become as a result of having run a half marathon?

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