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It may sound like a whole lot of work and not a lot of payoff to go about the business of living a good story. There are obstacles at every turn and difficulties around every corner. And yet, we are forever drawn to great stories–in the lives of others, and in our own lives. There must be a benefit.

Here’s what Don Miller has to say about it:

I don’t know very many writers who love the actual act of writing. We will do anything to avoid work. But because we have to pay our bills, at some point every day a good writer sits down to do his/her work. And it’s no different when you’re living a good story. I doubt I am going to want to run stairs every day, but the truth is I have to. And I’m not going to want to eat right, either. But I have to. I’m not trying to make the whole thing sound grim. Living a good story is a lot of fun, but it can also be difficult and boring. But when it’s done, when you’ve renewed your vows or climbed a mountain, you’ll look back on one of the most rich and fulfilling years of your life, filled with scenes of difficulty and conflict, of beauty and sacrifice. The year will feel twice as long, because anything that isn’t a story is quickly forgotten by the brain, and your entire year will have been a story.

Fulfillment, meaning, and purpose are the benefits of living a great story. If you want to have a life marked by meaning, passion, and purpose, you must be committed to living a great story. There’s no shortcut. Choosing to run or walk the Country Music half marathon is one piece of your inspiring story. One adventure. It will prepare you for even better stories because you’ll become a better character in the process.

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