Powered By Hope » Fund-raising FAQ

What is my fundraising commitment?

As a Powered by HOPE participant, we have asked you to raise at least $1,000 for the New Hope Academy Scholarship Fund.

What happens if I don’t meet my fundraising goal?

While we want our participants to connect deeply with the power they have to advance a movment of hope in their community with the dollars they raise, no one will be held personally responsible for funds not raised. That being said, we strongly encourage our participants to take their commitment to fundraise seriously and make every effort to meet or exceed their goal of $1,000.

When people donate to me, are their conributions tax-deductible?

Yes, Powered by Hope exists to benefit NEw Hope Academy. New Hope Academy is a 501c3 non-profit organization. Under the tax code, all donations made to New Hope ACademy are 100% tax deductible.

Will my supporters recieve a tax reciept for their contribution?

If they make a contribution larger than $200 they will receive an official tax letter from New Hope Academy before February 2011. If they make a smaller contribution, but still want or need a receipt beyond the transaction receipt they receive from FirstGiving, they can contact our administrator, Pat Sauder, for a receipt at [email protected]

When do I need to start fundraising?

We suggest that you begin fundraising now. Click here for our Fundraising 101 guide.

What is the fundraising deadline?

The deadline for fundraising is April 25, 2010.

What is the average contribution for online giving?

The average contribution for online giving is $100. That is significantly higher than the average for mail-in check contributions. This is why we encourage participants to set up their Firstgiving.com account and include their personalized link in their fundraising letters and emails.

What is Firstgiving.com?

Firstgiving is a website provides online fundraising services to those raising money for non-profits. They will be handling all of our online donations for Powered by Hope. Don’t forget to set up your personal online fundraising page with them. Participants should include the URL to that page in their fundraising communications.

How do I set up my personal fundraising page with FirstGiving.com?

This guide will get you started.

How do I get credit for contributions I receive by check?

You must manually add offline contributions to your personal FirstGiving page. It’s quick and easy to do. Click here for complete instructions.

Can I fundraise without using FirstGiving.com?

It is certainly possible to fundraise without using the online donation component of Powered by Hope, hosted by Firstgiving.com. However, this is not recommended. You will significantly decrease you overall donations if you do this. Why? The average contribution for online donations is nearly twice as high as that of mail-in donations. We strongly recommend that you to encourage your donors to use Active.com as their primary donation method.

Can I fundraise without writing letters?

As we said above, you could do that. However, since some people still prefer physical letters to email, we suggest you cover your bases by sending both.

Are there other ways to fundraise besides sending letters and emails?

We’ve heard of all kind of creative fundraising ideas, garage sales, bake sales, corporate matching, etc. We encourage you to be creative!

Someone mailed a donation check to me instead of New Hope Academy. What do I do now?

Please mail any checks you receive in this manner to New Hope Academy. You will need to include your name and Powered by Hope in the memo line in order to have it attributed to your account.

Please mail checks to the following:

New Hope Academy

1820 Downs Blvd.

Franklin, TN 37064