Powered By Hope » Social Media Strategies

Do use Facebook or Twitter? Do you have a blog or website? If you do, these are fund-raising goldmines. We’ve had several participants leverage the power of social media and the internet to bring in significant Powered by Hope dollars. (In fact, some have already met their goal in this way.) Here are just a few ways to do that. But, there are countless ways to utilize social media, so be creative!

Add the First Giving fund-raising widget to your blog

Use a widget to get the word out about your fund-raising efforts by adding it to your blog or website. Here are the complete instructions.

Update your status on Facebook or Twitter regularly with something like:

Help me run (or walk) 13 miles to bring about racial reconciliation in our community. I need 40 ppl to donate $25, will you be one? [include link to personal firstgiving.com page]

To make the firstgiving.com link shorter so that it will fit into the allowable 140 characters, copy and paste it into www.tinyurl.com. Then, copy the new link into the status update above and post. Viola!

Invite your friends/audience to participate in your training experience

Simply asking people to give via social media isn’t enough. You don’t want your Facebook friends or your Twitter audience to feel like you are spamming them. You want to invite them in your training experience. You need to regularly—in fact, MUCH more often than you “ask” for something—post about your training, what you’re learning about yourself, and about the cause behind Powered by Hope.

Here are a few examples:

About your experience:

Just got back from a 6 mile run with my @powered by hope team! This is the farthest I’ve ever run. Amazingly, I feel great.

Today I’ll run 12 miles with my team on the Country Music Marathon course. The big day is only one month away. Can’t believe how far I’ve come.

About what you’re learning about yourself

Missed a couple runs last week. Realizing that I don’t have to training perfectly to complete the race. It’s not about perfect. It’s about who I’m becoming along the way.

Never thought of myself as an athlete, but training for this marathon makes me won’t what else I can do that seems impossible now.

About the cause

Did you know that @newhopefranklin reserves half of its seats for children from low-income families & provides them with full scholarhips?

New Hope Academy is truly the embodiment of MLK’s “I have a dream speech.” If you haven’t watched it since you were in school, take a minute and be inspired.