Powered By Hope » The Experience

Ready to get Powered by Hope? Not sure where to begin? Wondering if you’re up for the challenge?

We have a proven, three-part approach guaranteed to take you from your first training day–Saturday, January 16, 2010– all the way to the finish line.

1. The Team

If you haven’t trained with a group before, you are in for a treat. Never before has training been so inspiring or so much fun! Your teammates will push you, support you, and encourage, and make you laugh every step of the way. They will faithfully show up to run or walk with you every Saturday morning, and will count on you to do the same.

To facilitate team building, expert-led group runs and walks take place on Saturday mornings at scenic locations all across town. And, new this year, we are adding mid-week runs and walks at a centrally located spot to keep you going between the bigger Saturday sessions.

2. The Tools

We promised you a world-class training and fundraising experience. That is what you’re going to get. Here are just a few of the perks.


  • Expert-led training provided by the nationally-renowned Galloway Group, featuring a low-mileage, run-walk approach resulting in a 98% injury-free rate
  • Comprehensive training plan provided for runners and walkers of all fitness levels for those in town and out of town unable to attend group runs and walks
  • Saturday group runs and walks for all fitness levels at scenic locations across town, along with short mid-week runs and walks at centrally located park to fasciliate training during the week
  • Weekly eblasts and regular blog posts with training tips and resources
  • VIP access to our Powered by Hope team physician, Dr. Jim Johnson. Team members are seen same day


  • Unique, inspirational focus during training experience, leveraging half marathon training as a means of personal and spiritual transformation
  • Weekly eblasts feature motivational tips, and inspirational stories
  • By running to break the cycle of generational poverty and racial division, team members are able to connect with a bigger purpose as they train


  • Team members receive a personal fund-raising page
  • Team members will also receive weekly fund-raising tips and a fund-raising timeline in our weekly eblast
  • Sample fundraising emails, letter, and social media strategies are provided to each team member
  • Fund-raising goal: $1,000 (Team members NOT held financially responsible for fundraising goal, but strongly encouraged to make every effort to meet & even exceed the goal.)*

Race Week

  • Technical, race-day jerseys are provided at no cost to all team members
  • Pre-race pasta party held on the Thursday before race day, featuring a healthy, delicious pasta dinner
  • Complete race-week packets, including instructions for fueling and hydration, race-day checklist, directions, etc.
  • VIP tent at race finish, featuring comfortable chairs, cool foot baths, boxed lunch, snacks, and drinks, and an on-site massage therapist and medical personnel.

3. The Inspiration

If you really want to be successful and reach your goals, you need a reason bigger than yourself to get you there. In fact, Olympic marathon coaches look for this trait when they recruit, knowing that altruism is a key factor in long term success. If you really want to amp your training efforts, do it for someone else.

As you commit to making a difference in the life of a child and the life your community, you infuse your training with purpose and meaning that will far outlast your enthusiasm to wear a smaller pant size, or shave down the number of minutes it takes you to run a mile.

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*Team members running/walking with Team TobyMac will be responsible to meet their fund-raising goal before being allowed to receive Team TobyMac benefits or participate in special events.