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Especially in warmer weather, chafing is common when logging longer mileage. Trust us, you want to take necessary precautions to avoid this. Chafing most commonly occurs in areas that rub against each other, or are sensitive and come into contact with your clothing. Here are the big ones:

Nipples: Rarely an issue for women, men will experience chafing of the nipples very often, resulting in bleeding and discomfort. It is a good idea to cover them with band-aids, “nip guards,” or an anti-chafing cream. Fleet Feet in Brentwood has these items available.

Thighs: Especially problematic for women, this is an area that can easily suffer from friction build-up. It is wise to using a glide product, also available at Fleet Feet or other sports stores.

Toes: Blisters are more common when the temperature rises. Rub Vaseline or GLIDE all over your feet and in between your toes before putting your socks on. This keeps everything moving freely, avoiding painful blisters

Groin area: Again, anything that rubs together is a potential problem area. We suggest that you use Desitin or other diaper cream.


Make sure your toenails are trimmed on race day. Otherwise, you may experience blisters, painful pressure, or even the loss of a toenail.


It is critical to hydrate ahead of time when running or walking long distances. It is even more important when the temperature rises. You can’t start soon enough. Try to drink water all day long beginning today. Avoid all soft drinks, teas, and alcoholic beverages that act as a diuretic or have sodium as an ingredient. See the Race Day Checklist for details.

Toilet paper

Most Porta Johns on the course will run out of toilet paper at some point during the morning on race day. Put enough toilet paper for a couple bathroom stops in your Fuel Belt (we suggest you put this in a small ziploc bag, as your sweat will likely make your Fuel Belt moist), or other carrying device.


It looks like it’s going to be a sunny day. Make sure to wear sunscreen that is intended for heavy sweating since you don’t want it running into your eyes and you won’t be able to reapply.

Parking Plan

We cannot say this enough—get a parking plan early and leave even earlier! It may take you over an hour to get to LP field from Franklin or Brentwood, and the same amount of time to ride the shuttle to the start. There are 36,000 people running in the Country Music Marathon and almost all of them will park at LP Field. Please consult the CMM parking and shuttle sheet for more information.