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Powered by Hope strives to provide you with the best training experience possible.

Whether you are able to attend our local training sessions, or follow one of the training plans tailored to your individual fitness level and goals wherever you live, you will love their unique, low-mileage, run-walk approach. This program is perfect for both seasoned athletes and beginners alike.

Here are a few more details:

Local (Nashville Area)

If you live in the Nashville area, please join us for expert-led group runs and walks taking place on Saturday mornings at scenic locations all across town.

Kick-off for our local group training will be on January 11.  Stay tuned for exact time and place.


Don’t live close enough to join us on Saturday mornings?  No problem.  We’ve got you covered.  Based on your fitness level and goals, select one of the training plans below that fits your needs.  Then, get out your calendar and plot your course.  You’ll need to begin by the second or third week of January to complete your half marathon training plan. If you’ve already been training a while and plan to run or walk the full marathon, just pick up training on the week that matches your current mileage.

To really give your training a boost, we strongly recommend that you train with a buddy.  Research shows that it dramatically increases your chances of making a perminent lifestyle change.

Click here to get a complete overview of our training program.

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